Finding Freedom in the Breath

Through the breath we can find more life freedom.

By noticing our breath we can feel centered, ground to our Divine Self consciousness, and be more present. In this way, no matter where we are, we can encounter more spaciousness.

We can experience different levels of freedom and this is due to our beliefs. It is also our beliefs that influence how we perceive reality. Though our beliefs may be different, each of us, through our own breath, can alter, and in many cases make better, our individual situations. By paying attention to our breath at any given time, we can change how we view and act in that moment. This allows us the freedom to respond in a new way rather than reacting from conditioned beliefs.

Taking the time to breathe during certain circumstances can give you the clarity to see things differently, the emotional bandwidth to feel the moment fully, and to behave in way that supports your highest good: your growth. Here, in the time and space that occurs when we bring our awareness to our breath, we give ourselves a pause—a temporary stop where we collect ourselves. In the practice of Unification, to choose to have this emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual pause is the behavior of the grounded ego.

When we pay attention to our breath, we center ourselves; this means we come back to our heart and to the core of who we are.

Through the breath, we can turn our focus inward. First, we feel the breath process in the body. We can sense the rise and fall of our chest and stomach. As we breathe deeply, the body relaxes: our shoulders lower, our tongue drops from the roof of the mouth, and we may release a deep and relieving sigh. Second, after a few more breaths, we can notice a tempering of our mental and emotional state. Generally, our thoughts settle down, and our emotions become more balanced. Third, attuned to the body by our breath, we can connect to our heart, which is the pathway to God and our Divine Self consciousness.

Connected to our God consciousness, we can sense our freedom. Centered and grounded, we are present. Here, we have the ability to pause and respond in a mindful way.

It is through our Divine awareness that we are able to release the judgements, conditioning, and illusions that hold us to a way of life where we think we lack freedom. Many times, for the ungrounded ego, its sense of freedom is obscured by its thoughts of the past and future. Ego is “stuck” as it were in its mental time-traveling ways; it is unaware of the freedom it possesses in the present.

This freedom of which I speak is your spiritual freedom. It is your belief in your spiritual freedom that will set you free from the shackles that bind you, be they physical, mental, or emotional. No matter the reality in which you exist, you are spiritually free because you are of God and thus, are infinite.

Seeker, acknowledge your sacred breath, and find freedom within. 🌹

With love,