Finding Freedom in the Breath

Through the breath we can find more life freedom. By noticing our breath we can feel centered and become more present. Here, we can choose to go deeper and connect with our Divine Self consciousness to feel the love, support, and guidance of God. No matter where we are, the breath can help us experience groundedness and spaciousness.

We can experience different levels of freedom and this is due to our beliefs. It is also our beliefs that influence how we perceive reality. Though our beliefs may be different, each of us, through our own breath, can alter, and in most cases make better, our individual situations. By paying attention to our breath at any given time, we can change how we view and act in that moment. This allows us the freedom to respond in a new way rather than reacting from conditioned beliefs.

Taking the time to breathe during certain circumstances can give you the clarity to see things differently, the emotional bandwidth to experience the moment fully, and to behave in a way that supports your highest good: your growth.

In the time and space that occurs when we bring our awareness to our breath, we give ourselves a pause—a temporary stop where we collect ourselves. We set ourselves to right and come back to our heart and to the core of who we are. In the practice of Unification, to choose to have this emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual pause is the behavior of the grounded ego.

Through the breath, we turn our focus inward. We feel the breath process in the body. We sense the rise and fall of our chest and stomach. As we breathe deeply, the body relaxes, our shoulders lower, tension leaves the face and neck, and we may release a deep and relieving sigh. After a few more breaths, we can notice a tempering of our mental and emotional state. Our thoughts settle down, and our emotions become more balanced. Attuned to the body by our breath, we can connect to our heart, which is the pathway to God and our Divine Self consciousness.

Connected to our God consciousness, we can sense our freedom. Centered and grounded, we are present. In this state, we have the ability to pause and respond to all circumstances in a mindful way.

It is through our Divine awareness that we are able to release the judgments, conditioning, and illusions that hold us to a way of life where we think we are lacking in freedom. Many times, for the ungrounded ego, its sense of freedom is obscured by its thoughts of the past and future. Ego is “stuck” as it were in its mental time-traveling ways and it is unaware of the freedom it possesses in the present.

This freedom of which I speak is your spiritual freedom. It is your belief in your spiritual freedom that will set you free from the shackles that bind you, be they physical, mental, or emotional. No matter the reality in which you exist, you are spiritually free because you are of God and thus, are infinite. To truly understand and accept this Truth is a game changer.

Seeker, acknowledge your sacred breath, and find freedom within. 🌹

With love,


Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Ecstatic Living

In the path of Unification, ecstatic living is a state of existence where you are present, engaged with passion, and free of attachment at the same time; there is a sense of joy, wonder, and excitement about life. In ecstatic living, you are in harmony with what is.

Presence, passion, and non-attachment are the keys to ecstatic living.

Presence is a choice. Your ego chooses to be in the now, rather than in the past or future. In truth, there is only the present and mental time-travel is an illusion. When you’re attached to your thoughts about the past or future, it can be all-consuming. Here, you are blind to the present.

The answer to freeing yourself from mental time-travel is to surrender to what concerns you in the present. This is done by bringing your Divine awareness forward. Grounded to your Divine Self consciousness, you can see your attachments, surrender to situations, heal wounds, change beliefs, and grow into an evolved way of being where you exist in the present.

Passion is the result of surrendering to our desires and enthusiasm—we become passionate about life. In Unification, we are not attached to our desires; we understand they are teaching tools. Desire leads to knowing ourselves better and is a pathway to personal and spiritual growth.

Our desires help us explore the human journey in order to experience what is possible. How we relate to our desires, whether we surrender or resist them, illuminates how we want to learn from life. For example, if you believe desires are “good” or “bad,” then that’s how you’re choosing to learn through life. There is no wrong or right way to be with your desires; it is your choice how you want to grow.

In ecstatic living, you nurture the qualities of curiosity, wonder, and excitement. You are intrigued by what you don’t know. What is unknown is not feared because you are grounded in your wholeness. You are not defined by what is—you only experience it. This wisdom frees you from any fears that you will be destroyed in some way by what appears. In the path of Unification, you are part of creation, the expanding consciousness of God. There is nothing that can disrupt your connection or completeness. And, it is your choice to live in this way.

Non-attachment is also a choice, but it is more accessible as an outcome of self-work. When you address the root causes of why you are attached to certain thoughts, events, ways of being, and conditioning, you free yourself from these attachments. When you heal the wounds that prevent you from remembering your wholeness and the ideas that keep you separate from God, you become unattached to these things. When you realize you are neither your ego or body and are not defined by any human condition—you will be free.

Ecstatic living transpires when the elements of water, ether, earth, air, and fire are balanced. Moreover, it is when your fire element is stoked, contained, and vibrant. Your fire element is nurtured when you follow your desires. It is held together when you are guided by your Divine Self consciousness. It shines bright when you feel free to be.

May we see with eyes to see.🌹

With love,


Photo by Quan Nguyen on Unsplash

The Unification Book Introduction

Dear Seeker,

On April 21, 2017, the Light bodies, angelic beings made of light, asked that I begin this writing project. The Light bodies first appeared to me months before during a meditation with plant medicine; they came to heal me and guide my transformation to Unification – the unity that I now sense between my ego and Divine Self. This book is the culmination of my spiritual experiences and the understandings I gained from my interactions with them, as well as my experiences from my Ayahuasca ceremonies.

My spiritual path has been a windy road and I would describe it to be a kind of hero’s journey. My steady practice of awareness and self-reflection these past 15 years has brought me to the stage where the hero chooses to impart what they learned: there’s a purpose to our trials.

In the last few years, my relationship with God—specifically my Divine Self consciousness, that part of me that is of God—has deepened and this is the work I want to share with you. I do not subscribe to any religion, but the ideas shared in this book can be adopted by anyone from any faith that holds love and compassion for all living things as a way of life.

This book describes a way to have a relationship with God and yourself. There are many paths to God, to self-awareness, and creating a meaningful life – this spiritual path I am sharing with you is one.

This book is as much about self-discovery as it is about connecting to God.

I’ve read many self-help, motivational, and spiritual books. The best ones gave advice—clear and actionable items—that helped bring the knowledge and insight they shared into real change for one’s life. Hence, this book is part wisdom and part workbook. You’ll read spiritual ideas, and then you’ll be given mindful exercises that ask you to reflect on these thoughts, so you can derive your truth from them.

There are many opportunities in the book for you to gather your thoughts and draw your own conclusions. You do not need to agree with the spiritual ideas presented in this book to receive the benefits; your agreement and disagreement to any of the thoughts shared contribute to your overall growth. Your individual experience in reading this book is a reflection of your process; I urge you to listen and trust yourself.

I am here to connect with the truth you feel and already know, and if you aren’t there yet, then I am here to help you discover the answers for yourself. I am here to share a way to deepen your connection to God, particularly, to your Divine Self—that part of you that is of God—so you can create a meaningful human existence. I am here to show you a way to heal yourself so you can be your own salvation. This path is called Unification: Bridging Your Ego and Divine Self Consciousness.

Unification is a spiritual journey that brings you closer to God and enhances your self-awareness. As you read the book, you’ll come across words and phrases that will trigger spiritual downloads; these events support your healing and personal transformation toward Unification.

During these spiritual downloads, you may feel physical, emotional, and Divine sensations. You may receive mental images that help you remember memories and experiences of the past that are being healed, need to be settled, and/or want to be called into your awareness for your understanding. At the same time, you may also hear messages from your ego, Divine Self, and/or spiritual guides that add, concur, and deepen your interpretation and wisdom.

There are also specific points in the book that if you feel called to accept, you can receive these spiritual downloads. You can participate in these transmissions by repeating the following Unification mantras:

  • When you read the passages that begin with, “On the path of Unification,” repeat the transmission mantra: “I am the love of God.” Then, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  • When you feel a spiritual download coming on, repeat one or all the following transmission mantras: “I am on the path,” “I am unified,” and “I am the love of God.”
  • If at any moment your ego is triggered by fear, pain, and/or refuses to accept the spiritual ideas that your own Divine Self agrees to, then you can say, “I am the love of God,” and this will dispel the resistance.

The Light bodies also gave nine powerful affirmations to perform and if you feel moved to do so, you may accept these gifts of healing and transformation by reciting the prayer. The prayers are found after each chapter; you may repeat the affirmation as often as you like to receive the benefits.

You are called to read this book—to walk the path of Unification—to progress your evolution.

Have a blessed journey.