It’s the Action that Counts

Most are familiar with the saying, “it’s the thought that counts,” which means that the intention behind the act was good, but the execution or outcome may have fallen short of expectation. In such cases, we show our understanding by acknowledging the act was well meaning.

When I suggest that it is the action that counts, I’m speaking of our ability to course correct—that we can fulfill our good intentions and make amends when we fall short.

In the last weeks of 2019, this notion has become a running theme for me and perhaps others. Generally, this time has us reflecting on the past year, and many can feel like they didn’t do what they intended, desired, and/or needed to accomplish. To this, I propose we can right our actions.

As we look back on our well meaning intentions, we may judge ourselves for missing the target, but I recommend that instead of judgement, we atone. In the practice of Unification, atonement is to ask for forgiveness from God, our Divine Self consciousness. Here, through our self-forgiveness we grow in compassion and love. In our atonement, we see that we are free to rise, fall, and rise again without ever losing our wholeness or worthiness. The act of atonement is for the benefit of ego because God never judges, and so there is nothing to forgive. Simply put, judgement is the domain of ego.

We can always atone for the reasons we go off course, forgiving and loving ourselves in the process. Then, we can make corrections to our actions supporting our highest good. In the path of Unification, we learn from the Light bodies that, “we came here for the music,” our life experiences, as well as to evolve as Divine beings. To that end, our intentions and actions fulfill our desire for growth.

May we see with eyes to see. 🌹

With love,


Photo by Kid Circus on Unsplash