How to Sense Divine Guidance

Are you being guided?

Divine guidance are messages that you receive through direct message, intuition, sensory perception, synchronistic events, and a host of other ways that help you navigate life. These messages support your highest good and spirituality.

The Divine guidance you receive is for the moment, it is there to help you become more present with whatever you are experiencing.

To receive a direct message is to hear the guidance directly in your mind or aloud from somewhere. You can receive guidance via your intuition—feeling this as a gut sense. With your sensory perception, you can perceive direction from a combination of feeling, hearing, seeing, and smelling which contribute to an expanded sense of knowing.

You can get guidance by noticing synchronistic events, observing similar patterns, as in repeating numbers and images. You can experiences prophetic visions and dreams; you can divine information from tarot and oracle cards, runes, and by other similar means. You may work with plant medicine, a shaman, or a healer to get guidance.
You may get signs from books, billboards, song lyrics, and spirit animals to name just a few ways the universe is speaking to you. Overall, you will receive signs and guidance in the ways that you are open to receiving them.

The key to sensing Divine guidance, no matter the method, is trust.

You must be able to trust your own thoughts and feelings and judgement to determine whether you are receiving guidance. Once you can trust your senses to be true, then you can proceed to trying to understand the message being offered.

Trusting yourself is a process: first, you heal the beliefs and experiences that stop you from trusting yourself, second, you change your beliefs to support your ability to trust, third, you create practices that help tune your senses so you can perceive guidance, and lastly, you learn how to connect and read the messages as it applies to you.

Healing your ability to trust yourself takes time, here are areas you may consider addressing:

  • Traumatic experiences where you lost your sense of self, power, and worthiness.
  • Experiences where your thoughts and feelings were minimized or ignored.
  • Events that shaped your ability to trust, such as abandonment, breakups, and big disappointments.

As you heal your traumatic experiences and change your beliefs, you may find that you can still experience challenges. In this case, realize that change takes time and that your ego has gravity—that it has the ability to pull you back to old and ingrained behavior. One way to help your transformation is to create additional beliefs and to work with affirmations that support your ability to trust.

Try to instill the following positive affirmations within you so that they become part of your belief system:

  • My thoughts matter and my ideas mean something to me.
  • I allow myself to feel my feelings because they are important.
  • I trust my gut.
  • I am supported by God in every way.
  • I will know what to do when the time comes.
  • I am guided.

Develop practices that improve your ability to sense guidance. Some ways to do that are:

  • To practice meditation and to learn to be quiet and still; develop the skill to listen without the interference of your personal thoughts and attachment.
  • To practice visualization exercises and ways to improve your imagination like reading or watching fantasy and science fiction.
  • To practice listening and following your intuition. Do intuitive exercises such as going for a walk and letting your inner GPS guide you. Another intuition exercise is to practice “reading” people by sitting across from someone and using your intuition to gauge how they feel, what they’re thinking, or receive some sort of information about them. Relay this to them and ask how you did.
  • To choose ways in how you want to receive guidance. For example, you can say, “I am open to receive guidance in meditation and my dreams.” Then, you would practice listening and observing, looking for signs through these methods. I have a friend, who when she was a child saw the dead and strange beings, she didn’t like this, and purposefully closed herself off to this type of connection. Of course, this was correct for her. The take away here is to choose how you want to get guidance so that you are agreeable to the method, and that way, you can get better at sensing them through that method.

In most cases, becoming aware of Divine guidance and then knowing how this information pertains to you happens almost immediately. That is to say, you will know exactly what the message means. Here, the sign is more like a confirmation of your inner most thoughts and deepest desires. Sometimes the guidance requires you to think and feel for its significance because uncovering the connection is part of your personal growth. Therefore, the message or sign you get is not the answer, it is a pointer. During another time, the message or sign may mean something else to you, and will point you in another direction. Do not be attached to the signs and guidance you receive, simply use them to get to the next sign post.

Seeker, open your spiritual eyes and ears–your are guided!

With love,