Take Plant Medicine in Sacrament

Take plant medicine in sacrament for your spiritual path to connect with the Divine, deepen your personal practice, and receive gifts of grace and healing.

sacrament is a ceremony with a spiritual significance; it conveys the outward expression of the faith you hold within. When you take plant medicine in a spiritual sacrament, you intend to receive a healing, an initiation, and transformation facilitated by the effects of the plant; this type of ceremony is to be approached with preparation and humility.

Plant medicine is a term synonymously used with psychedelics such as ayahuasca, mushroom, peyote, and iboga to name a few. The naturally occurring psychoactive properties of these plants offer a type of medicine to its users that may provide emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Most describe a change in their self-perception after working with plant medicine; many who partake in a sacred ceremony with plant medicine experience a spiritual awakening and transformation.

The consumption of these psychoactive plants can facilitate a meeting with the Divine. Whether a person is religious, spiritual, or an atheist, the chance of having an experience with the Divine is available to everyone. The likelihood of such an encounter is greatly increased when the person has done some spiritual work prior to attending the ceremony.

If a person already has faith in God or a higher power, then they can choose to approach taking plant medicine as a sacrament.

When we come to a ceremony with the intention that this is a sacrament where we will receive healing, an initiation, and transformation, the experience becomes an expression of our spirituality. The intention establishes the guidelines for the ceremonial event; the clearer our intention, the more in line our experience is to that idea.

Just as people prepare their mind and body to receive a religious sacrament, going into a sacred ceremony with plant medicine also requires preparation; part of this is called “set and setting.”

The set is your current mind state and the setting is your environment: where you are, the Shaman you’re working with, the people around you, and the dose you take. Your intention anchors your mindset and with the thought that you are taking plant medicine in a sacrament, you prime yourself to have a spiritual experience. Thus, if you have the intention to receive a spiritual healing, initiation, and transformation — you will. With that said, the experience may not look and feel like what you expect.

The other part of preparing ourselves to take plant medicine in a sacrament is the spiritual work; this constitutes raising our awareness, recognizing our fears and issues, and practicing meditation and/or prayer. These elements help us arrive at a state of being that is more ready to receive the spiritual healing, initiation, and transformation that awaits us, compared to if we were to enter the process blind and cold; also, this self-knowledge furthers our ability to create a clear and focused intention.

Our intention in taking plant medicine as a sacrament is a desire to commune with the Divine; how that manifests is uncertain.

From experience, I can relate that the imagery you work with prior to the ceremony, as well as the type of images that resonate with your life, in general, can play a part in your experience, but not always. Still, I recommend surrounding yourself with pictures and objects that make you feel connected with your faith, are related to the experience you wish to have, and where the items make you feel safe and guided. All of this adds to your mindset and supports your wish for a spiritual experience.

To view plant medicine as a sacrament is to give it spiritual meaning and thus becomes part of our spiritual practice. One can include such a practice in any religious faith or way of life as the experience is meant to support the person’s existing beliefs. It will be up to your faith and the mindful work you do before and after the ceremony to connect and understand the spiritual significance of your experience and transformation. Additionally, working with plant medicine in this context, where it is perceived as a holy experience, will prevent the misuse of the plants.

Respect for the plants is paramount when using them as a sacrament.

The reverence we give the plant medicines is directly related to the connection we feel toward our faith. When we ingest these plants, we are taking in their grace; we are committing ourselves to the journey they offer. In working with plant medicine, we surrender control of the process and open ourselves to their ability to heal us.

With the inclusion of plant medicine in our spiritual practice, we do not have to rely on faith alone to fulfill our spiritual yearnings of connection and curiosity. When we approach plant medicine in a sacrament, we commit to knowing and embodying the Divine — God — in a way that is real and meaningful.

With love,


If you enjoyed this article, you may want to read the book I wrote called, Unification: Bridging Your Ego and Divine Self Consciousness. In it, I describe a way of life shown to me by the Light bodies — angelic beings whom I encountered during meditation with plant medicine. For over a year, I worked with the Light bodies through channeling, meditation, and plant medicine, to give rise to the spiritual path called Unification.


This article does not promote or recommend the use of illegal drugs. Many of the substances referenced above are illegal in many countries including the United States. This article does not constitute medical advice. As always, please consult your doctor before taking any medicine.

First published on Samadhi.today for Medium

How to Sense Divine Guidance

Are you being guided?

Divine guidance are messages that you receive through direct message, intuition, sensory perception, synchronistic events, and a host of other ways that help you navigate life. These messages support your highest good and spirituality.

The Divine guidance you receive is for the moment, it is there to help you become more present with whatever you are experiencing.

To receive a direct message is to hear the guidance directly in your mind or aloud from somewhere. You can receive guidance via your intuition—feeling this as a gut sense. With your sensory perception, you can perceive direction from a combination of feeling, hearing, seeing, and smelling which contribute to an expanded sense of knowing.

You can get guidance by noticing synchronistic events, observing similar patterns, as in repeating numbers and images. You can experiences prophetic visions and dreams; you can divine information from tarot and oracle cards, runes, and by other similar means. You may work with plant medicine, a shaman, or a healer to get guidance.
You may get signs from books, billboards, song lyrics, and spirit animals to name just a few ways the universe is speaking to you. Overall, you will receive signs and guidance in the ways that you are open to receiving them.

The key to sensing Divine guidance, no matter the method, is trust.

You must be able to trust your own thoughts and feelings and judgement to determine whether you are receiving guidance. Once you can trust your senses to be true, then you can proceed to trying to understand the message being offered.

Trusting yourself is a process: first, you heal the beliefs and experiences that stop you from trusting yourself, second, you change your beliefs to support your ability to trust, third, you create practices that help tune your senses so you can perceive guidance, and lastly, you learn how to connect and read the messages as it applies to you.

Healing your ability to trust yourself takes time, here are areas you may consider addressing:

  • Traumatic experiences where you lost your sense of self, power, and worthiness.
  • Experiences where your thoughts and feelings were minimized or ignored.
  • Events that shaped your ability to trust, such as abandonment, breakups, and big disappointments.

As you heal your traumatic experiences and change your beliefs, you may find that you can still experience challenges. In this case, realize that change takes time and that your ego has gravity—that it has the ability to pull you back to old and ingrained behavior. One way to help your transformation is to create additional beliefs and to work with affirmations that support your ability to trust.

Try to instill the following positive affirmations within you so that they become part of your belief system:

  • My thoughts matter and my ideas mean something to me.
  • I allow myself to feel my feelings because they are important.
  • I trust my gut.
  • I am supported by God in every way.
  • I will know what to do when the time comes.
  • I am guided.

Develop practices that improve your ability to sense guidance. Some ways to do that are:

  • To practice meditation and to learn to be quiet and still; develop the skill to listen without the interference of your personal thoughts and attachment.
  • To practice visualization exercises and ways to improve your imagination like reading or watching fantasy and science fiction.
  • To practice listening and following your intuition. Do intuitive exercises such as going for a walk and letting your inner GPS guide you. Another intuition exercise is to practice “reading” people by sitting across from someone and using your intuition to gauge how they feel, what they’re thinking, or receive some sort of information about them. Relay this to them and ask how you did.
  • To choose ways in how you want to receive guidance. For example, you can say, “I am open to receive guidance in meditation and my dreams.” Then, you would practice listening and observing, looking for signs through these methods. I have a friend, who when she was a child saw the dead and strange beings, she didn’t like this, and purposefully closed herself off to this type of connection. Of course, this was correct for her. The take away here is to choose how you want to get guidance so that you are agreeable to the method, and that way, you can get better at sensing them through that method.

In most cases, becoming aware of Divine guidance and then knowing how this information pertains to you happens almost immediately. That is to say, you will know exactly what the message means. Here, the sign is more like a confirmation of your inner most thoughts and deepest desires. Sometimes the guidance requires you to think and feel for its significance because uncovering the connection is part of your personal growth. Therefore, the message or sign you get is not the answer, it is a pointer. During another time, the message or sign may mean something else to you, and will point you in another direction. Do not be attached to the signs and guidance you receive, simply use them to get to the next sign post.

Seeker, open your spiritual eyes and ears–your are guided!

With love,


The Unification Book Introduction

Dear Seeker,

On April 21, 2017, the Light bodies, angelic beings made of light, asked that I begin this writing project. The Light bodies first appeared to me months before during a meditation with plant medicine; they came to heal me and guide my transformation to Unification – the unity that I now sense between my ego and Divine Self. This book is the culmination of my spiritual experiences and the understandings I gained from my interactions with them, as well as my experiences from my Ayahuasca ceremonies.

My spiritual path has been a windy road and I would describe it to be a kind of hero’s journey. My steady practice of awareness and self-reflection these past 15 years has brought me to the stage where the hero chooses to impart what they learned: there’s a purpose to our trials.

In the last few years, my relationship with God—specifically my Divine Self consciousness, that part of me that is of God—has deepened and this is the work I want to share with you. I do not subscribe to any religion, but the ideas shared in this book can be adopted by anyone from any faith that holds love and compassion for all living things as a way of life.

This book describes a way to have a relationship with God and yourself. There are many paths to God, to self-awareness, and creating a meaningful life – this spiritual path I am sharing with you is one.

This book is as much about self-discovery as it is about connecting to God.

I’ve read many self-help, motivational, and spiritual books. The best ones gave advice—clear and actionable items—that helped bring the knowledge and insight they shared into real change for one’s life. Hence, this book is part wisdom and part workbook. You’ll read spiritual ideas, and then you’ll be given mindful exercises that ask you to reflect on these thoughts, so you can derive your truth from them.

There are many opportunities in the book for you to gather your thoughts and draw your own conclusions. You do not need to agree with the spiritual ideas presented in this book to receive the benefits; your agreement and disagreement to any of the thoughts shared contribute to your overall growth. Your individual experience in reading this book is a reflection of your process; I urge you to listen and trust yourself.

I am here to connect with the truth you feel and already know, and if you aren’t there yet, then I am here to help you discover the answers for yourself. I am here to share a way to deepen your connection to God, particularly, to your Divine Self—that part of you that is of God—so you can create a meaningful human existence. I am here to show you a way to heal yourself so you can be your own salvation. This path is called Unification: Bridging Your Ego and Divine Self Consciousness.

Unification is a spiritual journey that brings you closer to God and enhances your self-awareness. As you read the book, you’ll come across words and phrases that will trigger spiritual downloads; these events support your healing and personal transformation toward Unification.

During these spiritual downloads, you may feel physical, emotional, and Divine sensations. You may receive mental images that help you remember memories and experiences of the past that are being healed, need to be settled, and/or want to be called into your awareness for your understanding. At the same time, you may also hear messages from your ego, Divine Self, and/or spiritual guides that add, concur, and deepen your interpretation and wisdom.

There are also specific points in the book that if you feel called to accept, you can receive these spiritual downloads. You can participate in these transmissions by repeating the following Unification mantras:

  • When you read the passages that begin with, “On the path of Unification,” repeat the transmission mantra: “I am the love of God.” Then, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  • When you feel a spiritual download coming on, repeat one or all the following transmission mantras: “I am on the path,” “I am unified,” and “I am the love of God.”
  • If at any moment your ego is triggered by fear, pain, and/or refuses to accept the spiritual ideas that your own Divine Self agrees to, then you can say, “I am the love of God,” and this will dispel the resistance.

The Light bodies also gave nine powerful affirmations to perform and if you feel moved to do so, you may accept these gifts of healing and transformation by reciting the prayer. The prayers are found after each chapter; you may repeat the affirmation as often as you like to receive the benefits.

You are called to read this book—to walk the path of Unification—to progress your evolution.

Have a blessed journey.