Jeanne Floresca

Hello Seeker!

Welcome to our website. This blog and forum platform exists to support people on their path toward Unification. Most discover this journey by reading my book, Unification: Bridging Your Ego and Divine Self Consciousness.  Whether you’ve read the book, or are in the midst of your process, I welcome you with a grateful heart.

My name is Jeanne Floresca and I’m a healer, mystic, and writer.  I’m not a medical doctor, licensed psychologist, or psychotherapist. I offer the information on this website as a self-help educator and ordained minister.

As a mystic, I am a person who believes in their spiritual experiences and it is from these revelations that I am moved to share what I have learned. Take the information here and in the books I write with the compass of your heart–what matters most is what you believe. My intention with sharing my thoughts and experiences is to inspire you to seek deeper answers so that you can have your own personal experience with God. If there is only one thing I can impart to anyone, that is: you can never lose your way when you follow the path within.

May you remember yourself.

With love,


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