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Welcome to our website. This blog and forum platform exists to support people on their path toward Unification; most discover this journey by reading my book, Unification: Bridging Your Ego and Divine Self Consciousness.  Whether you’ve read the book, or are in the midsts of your process, I welcome you with a grateful heart.

My name is Jeanne Floresca and I’m a healer and writer.  I’m NOT a medical doctor, licensed psychologist, or psychotherapist. I offer the information on this website as a self-help educator and ordained minister.

Much of what you’ll read here or in my book was received via channeling, meditation, spiritual revelation, and working with plant medicine. I expand on the ideas using my personal experience, my background as a healer, and as a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner – a type of energy psychology where we work with the younger self to release trauma.

I do not expect you to take my experiences, interpretations, and writings to be the absolute truth. I encourage you to question the ideas presented. I urge you to reflect and listen to your inner compass and decide for yourself what is true for you. If you need psychological or medical help, please seek licensed medical professionals. My intention with providing any information on this site or in my book is to inspire you to seek deeper answers by searching within and having your own personal experience with God.

May you remember you are more.

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