Ecstatic Living

In the path of Unification, ecstatic living is a state of existence where you are present, engaged with passion, and free of attachment at the same time; there is a sense of joy, wonder, and excitement about life. In ecstatic living, you are in harmony with what is.

Presence, passion, and non-attachment are the keys to ecstatic living.

Presence is a choice. Your ego chooses to be in the now, rather than in the past or future. In truth, there is only the present and mental time-travel is an illusion. When you’re attached to your thoughts about the past or future, it can be all-consuming. Here, you are blind to the present.

The answer to freeing yourself from mental time-travel is to surrender to what concerns you in the present. This is done by bringing your Divine awareness forward. Grounded to your Divine Self consciousness, you can see your attachments, surrender to situations, heal wounds, change beliefs, and grow into an evolved way of being where you exist in the present.

Passion is the result of surrendering to our desires and enthusiasm—we become passionate about life. In Unification, we are not attached to our desires; we understand they are teaching tools. Desire leads to knowing ourselves better and is a pathway to personal and spiritual growth.

Our desires help us explore the human journey in order to experience what is possible. How we relate to our desires, whether we surrender or resist them, illuminates how we want to learn from life. For example, if you believe desires are “good” or “bad,” then that’s how you’re choosing to learn through life. There is no wrong or right way to be with your desires; it is your choice how you want to grow.

In ecstatic living, you nurture the qualities of curiosity, wonder, and excitement. You are intrigued by what you don’t know. What is unknown is not feared because you are grounded in your wholeness. You are not defined by what is—you only experience it. This wisdom frees you from any fears that you will be destroyed in some way by what appears. In the path of Unification, you are part of creation, the expanding consciousness of God. There is nothing that can disrupt your connection or completeness. And, it is your choice to live in this way.

Non-attachment is also a choice, but it is more accessible as an outcome of self-work. When you address the root causes of why you are attached to certain thoughts, events, ways of being, and conditioning, you free yourself from these attachments. When you heal the wounds that prevent you from remembering your wholeness and the ideas that keep you separate from God, you become unattached to these things. When you realize you are neither your ego or body and are not defined by any human condition—you will be free.

Ecstatic living transpires when the elements of water, ether, earth, air, and fire are balanced. Moreover, it is when your fire element is stoked, contained, and vibrant. Your fire element is nurtured when you follow your desires. It is held together when you are guided by your Divine Self consciousness. It shines bright when you feel free to be.

May we see with eyes to see.🌹

With love,


Photo by Quan Nguyen on Unsplash